How Does Ginkgo Biloba Help Improve Cognitive Abilities?

As one of the oldest living tree species, Ginkgo Biloba has become one of the best-selling herbal supplements in Europe and the United States due to its many benefits.

Historically, Ginkgo Biloba has been used to treat blood disorders and memory problems. The best known use today is to keep the memory sharp and improve cognitive abilities.

Chemical Consistency

While studying Ginkgo, scientists have identified over 40 components, two of which act like medicine: flavonoids and terpenoids.

Both of these components are antioxidants which help fight free radicals in your body. Flavonoids are plant-based and protect the nerves, blood vessels, retina and heart muscle from damage. Terpenoids increase blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of blood.

Uses for Dementia and Alzheimer Disease

In Europe, Ginkgo is commonly used to treat dementia, Alzheimer Disease and other memory-related ailments.

Recent research suggests that Ginkgo protects nerve cells which have been damaged by Alzheimer Disease. These nerve cells are critical for proper function of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Many studies show a direct positive correlation between Ginkgo and memory and thinking for those who have Alzheimer Disease and Dementia by:

Ease of performing daily tasks
Less feelings of depression
Improved social interactions and behavior
Improved thinking, memory and learning

Benefits for Healthy Consumers

For those without any ailments Gingko provides the following benefits:

Better memory
Could improve sleep efficiency
Enhanced cognition
Improvement in focus
Improvement in overall mood
Increase short-term memory recall
Increases blood flow to the brain
More energy throughout the day

The Brain Herb

Most commonly referred to as a “brain herb,” studies have shown that Ginkgo offers improved memory and thinking in young and middle-aged individuals who are healthy. The supplement is often added to nutrition bars, fruit smoothies and soft drinks to enhance mental performance and boost memory.

How it Works

Taking Ginkgo to improve cognitive functions is often related to the way in which cholinesterase inhibitors function. These are chemicals that avert the breakdown of acetylcholine within your brain.

Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters related to fundamental cognitive function.

Ginkgo steps in and preserves the acetylcholine and choline in the brain which promotes the healthy growth of neurons and other neural structures as well as the synaptic connections between them. These connections are the basis of memory formation and access.

Additionally, given that the components of Ginkgo – bilobalides, flavonoids and ginkgolides – help to boost circulation, more blood is flowing to the brain. With blood pumping into the neural tissues, communication structures within the brand grow unrestricted.

As a result, mental metabolism is increased so your brain receives continuous fuel to energize the mind. Simultaneously, toxins can be flushed out of the system to improve neuron maintenance. Furthermore, Ginkgo component, ginkgolide B, blocks blood clotting which prevents cerebrovascular problems.

These types of conditions are a threat to cognitive functions and could eventually lead to a stroke. Finally, Ginkgo inhibits the acceptance of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, all of which are energy hormones. This results in a focused and concentrated mental state which can foster memory recovery.

Memory Results

Ginkgo is primary ingested for its mental benefits. The supplement has been proven over generations of individuals which has made it so popular.

With the ability to learn easier and recall facts immediately, participants typically have a clear head with intense concentration after taking the supplement. In addition to aiding in concentration and learning, the supplement helps to preserve forming memories, even in the elderly.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients have shown vast improvements in cognitive functions during many long-term studies.

Ideal Dosage

The recommended dosage is 120mg per day which can be consumed at once for a pronounced and shorter effect or over three sittings for a mild experience with longer duration. Remember, the higher the dosage, the greater chance of side-effects so it is best to stick to the recommendation.

There are other supplements that can be consumed with your dosages that improve other aspects of the memory. One of the most popular combinations is Ginkgo with Vinpocetine which increases long-term and short-term memory.

You can also get your daily requirement of these nutrients by taking Alpha Levo Energize daily.

Ginkgo is a time-tested, effective and proven regiment of improving memory and concentration while nourishing tissues in the young and old, healthy and unhealthy. Supplements such as Ginkgo are meant to be consumed in moderation for best memory results.

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